Nº 21 June 2022

ISSN: 2173-8254

Estudio acerca del desarrollo organizacional de las organizaciones sindicales de Centroamérica y Bolivia

Author/s: Carlos Alberto Riba y Daisy Alvarado Ruiz. Bolivia. Nicaragua
The present study performed with the auspice of the Danish syndical federation 3F, were consulted an average of fifteen persons for organization contra part, in recorder of focal group of nineteen syndical organization (285 syndical leaders) of Central America and Bolivia. All the studied syndical organizations, have a good develop of their capacities for realize political incidence a national level and even Central American level. During the last ten years had obtained significant advanced respect a position in the national public diary so sensitive topics, as the labor outsourcing; the reforms to the salute institutes and social security and the formal education or technical education. Maintaining a clear participation in the collective negotiation of the minus salary. Had advanced in the develop of their capacities of affiliate and unionization in every one of their sectors. Also, is important to mention the develop of the internal capacities for establish system of syndical education, where had beneficiary a lot of people.