Nº 22 December 2022

ISSN: 2173-8254

América Latina en el contexto del debate sobre empleo verde: Potenciales para su desarrollo

Institution: CEPAL: 2011
Mitigation measures and adaptation to climate change and environmental protection in general become increasingly important in both public opinion and in the political and economic spheres. However, the social and in particular, work is still poorly understood in many ways. In this context emerged the debate on green employment refers to a potential double benefit to the environment and employment. While there is a scientific and political discourse on this subject, the specific problems of Latin America has been considered recently. This work aims to contribute to fill this gap in three ways. First, identify the relevant concepts and theories are analyzed from a Latin American perspective. Second, identify the causes of economic and ecological unsustainability of production models that prevail in Latin America and the Caribbean. Third, Latin American economies are analyzed in a disaggregated manner that takes into account the status and development of the ecological sustainability of the economic sectors and related jobs. In conclusion, we identify key areas for development transformation towards a sustainable green economy with a focus on the complementarity of these ways of developing green job sector.