Nº 19 June 2021

ISSN: 2173-8254

The international relations of local governments: approaches, strategies and trends in the municipalities of the Province of Buenos Aires

The article analyzes the international participation of subnational actors, which is currently gaining relevance due to the diversification of the activities they carry out. In this favorable framework, they display alternatives for participation on the world stage and, despite not being considered subjects of international law, they intervene in international cooperation activities, establish or comply with economic and cultural agreements.

In the analysis of international relations, different conceptualizations were developed, such as that of paradiplomacy, which has become the one most widely used in the field. Thus, an oriented view of the subnational internationalization process prevails, where said concept served to debate the issue, although it reflects a particular historical and territorial context. Different international, regional and national processes lead to questions about contemporary paradiplomatic processes and particularly about the experience in the Argentine case. In this way, the concepts and advances on the international actions of sub-national actors are addressed, focusing on the national and provincial experience of recent years.