Nº 18 December 2020

ISSN: 2173-8254

Locally-based migrant organizations and their transnational actions: Reflections, challenges and experiences

This research draws on a theoretical-conceptual and empirically informed reflection about the transnational dynamics that local migrant organizations are currently developing, in light of the experience of the Partido de Saavedra, Buenos Aires Province (Argentina). It takes into consideration non-governmental channels through which transnational relations are carried out at the “local” level, as well as the need to recognize other attributes –beyond sovereignty or legal status- which define the performance of agents who are capable of pulling together resources, wields influence and reaches goals on the global stage. From this perspective, it becomes evident that local government entities on which these associations are based can assume more or less active roles, either by developing deliberate promotional policies aimed at establishing links with their foreign counterparts, or by becoming passive observers who they simply “formalize” or “legitimize” the impulses of the migrant associationism scheme.