Nº 21 June 2022

ISSN: 2173-8254

The Ibero-American Local Government Journal is published in the sphere of the Ibero-American Center for Governability, Administration and Local Public Policies (CIGOB) which is born as a result of joint project between the International Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP) and the Ibero-American Union of Municipalists (UIM).

The Journal is published biannually and contains original works on Local Government and Public Administration, paying special attention to those which may be of interest for knowledge of decentralisation processes and Ibero-American local institutions.

Publishing Rules

1) Written works must be original and unpublished, in Spanish, Portuguese or English.  They should be written in Word format, Times New Roman font, size 12, and 1.5 line spacing. The total length must not exceed 12000 words.

2) The first page should include the title of the work, name of the author or authors, and professional or academic category.

3) Likewise on the first page, a summary with the order of headings (in Roman numerals: I, II., …) and  subheadings (in Arabic Numbers: 1., 2., …). A summary in Spanish or English, which does not exceed 150 words; and should contain key words (between 5 to 7) in each language.

4) Footnotes, Times New Roman font 10 and single spaced should follow the following criteria:

 a) Author surnames in lower-case, followed by the initial of the Author’s name.
 b) Year of publication.
 c) Title of article /chapter of joint publication, in quotation marks.
 d) Complete title of work, in italics.
 e) Edition number.
 f) Edition number.
 g) Page or pages to which the footnote refers.


  • Book: Parejo Alfonso L (2009), Commentary on Public Sector Contracts Act, Barcelona: Bosch.
  • Journal Article: Villaba Pérez F (2010). “Protecting health as a determining factor of the right of establishment,” European Union News, 312: 20-42.
  • Chapter of Collective Publication: Villalba Pérez F (2009), “Public Works Concession Contracts,”  in Parejo Alfonso L,  Commentary on Public Sector Contracts Act, Barcelona: Bosch.
  • Citation in the main text should be in upper-case.  Example: (PAREJO ALFONSO, 2009:114).
  • Abbreviations, if used in the work, should be specified with their complete denomination at least the first time it is used in the document.
  • Bibliographic references of works cited in the text  will be included at the end of the document in alphabetical order by the Author’s (first) Surname according to previously mentioned footnote criteria (without including the page number or numbers of the work). Mentioned will also be made of the legal references used in the text and case law when relevant.

Publication Procedure

1) Submission dates for proposed articles will be:

a) March 1st for the publication of the first semester of each year (June)
b) September 1st for the publication of the second semester (December)

2) The Ibero-American Local Government Journal will decide through its Editorial Board, the publication of works once they have been reviewed by blind method,  by two external evaluators, who are specialists in the field. All the proposals will be checked by an anti-plagiarism platform.

3) The authors of accepted articles for publication may be required for proofreading, which will be limited to the correction of errors (without substantial changes) and will be returned in a maximum period of 10 days.  Otherwise an article’s publication may be determined without further ado, or nonpublication.


1) The content of the work is attributable to the authors and exclusively their responsibility (including cases of plagiarism).  In no case will the Journal be compromised.

2) The author or authors concede, exclusively, to the Journal, the reproduction rights of admitted texts in scientific journals.