Nº 18 December 2020

ISSN: 2173-8254

Buen gobierno y el acceso a la información pública. Específicamente el caso de América Central

Author/s: Daisy Alvarado Ruiz
Advances in the process transparent governance, evidenced by the definition and enactment of specific laws on the issue in Central America. Honduras began with the enactment of the law in 2006, continuing his example each of the other countries and Panama the latest is dated 2013. However, it is appropriate to say that: The right of access to information requires and demands recognition in a specific regulatory framework. Effective access of citizens to public information implies the existence of a public policy that considers procedural public administration and institutions with responsibilities of institutions guaranteeing the right information, structural adjustments, as well as an intensive campaign to promote this law, not only among the public but also within their own bureaucratic structures of the state.