ISSN: 2173-8254

Nº 23 June 2023

El papel de las mancomunidades de municipios en el desarrollo de los territorios rurales dominicanos

Author/s: Manuel Alba Cano. España
This document describes the reasons that will make the rural Dominican municipalities, which are small, poor and weak, to cooperate and associate while pooling resources. Those grouping of municipalities could enhance and foster the local development in the territories that they manage, where there are plenty of opportunities and resources, as well as social capital. In order to explain this, there is a thorough explanation of the current municipal administration in the Dominican Republic, and there is plenty of information about the conditions needed for a pertinent management of the municipal competencies. Furthermore, there is plenty of information about the importance of social participation and the need for planning in the management of the municipalities associations as necessary elements for a real promotion of the local economic development from a territorial perspective. Finally, the author shows the challenges for the territorial management through public-private partnerships for the development of the Dominican rural territories.