Nº 19 June 2021

ISSN: 2173-8254

Sistemas de innovación en Centroamérica. Fortalecimiento a través de la integración regional.

The Central American countries have made progress in the creation and strengthening their innovation systems in the last decade. There is a growing recognition among governments, academia and the private sector on the central importance of science, technology and innovation will drive inclusive growth and long term. However, significant weaknesses remain insufficient investment product and reduced resource linking system actors, among other factors. This book explores innovation systems in Central America, from various perspectives (national, sectoral and transnational), as a useful analytical tool for the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies. The review of national systems is complemented by the innovative agricultural production systems, where the industry has developed significant capabilities subregion. The strengths and weaknesses shared by these small open economies are the basis for further integration of the activities of science, technology and innovation, with a view to achieving synergies and complementarities in the use of resources. The process of European integration in this area, which is discussed in a chapter of the book, offers lessons for the Central American region. Regional integration (supranational) innovation systems can contribute significantly to the strengthening of national capacities, but must be seen as a complement local efforts.