ISSN: 2173-8254

Nº 23 June 2023

Gobiernos locales en México

Author/s: Mauricio Bermeo Mendoza. México
Document makes an analysis of local governments in Mexico. This study faces two different points of view, in the first part we make an analysis of local governments (in Mexico they called Ayuntamientos) and its institutional strengthening process from legal perspective, developing a scientific analysis of the jurisdictional system of public administration in Mexico and elucidating whether the current legal framework allows for institutional capacity building of the Ayuntamientos that facilitates the fulfillment of its institutional objectives. Second stage analyses local governments in Mexico according with the premises of Theory of Public Organizations. Ayuntamientos are public organizations that exercise political power in local space and therefore they have a high relevance to solving community´s problems and impact in municipal population quality of life level. This scientific and objective analysis seeks to investigate about current conditions of Ayuntamientos under the perspective of main premises of Public Organizations theorists.