ISSN: 2173-8254

Special Issue. Balance of Decentralization in Ibero-America after after four decades

THE LAW OF LAND PLANNING IN IBEROAMERICA Is there an Ibero-American urban law?

Institution: Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Country: España

This paper addresses the problem of Urban Planning, in Spain and Latin America, addressing its general characteristics, both from a prism of constitutional references and the environmental environment, as well as the precepts on territorial planning and more specifically urban planning, for the achievement of residential urban services.

A general perspective is analyzed throughout Latin America to later delve into four models: Colombia, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic and Spain, to later collect some conclusions that urban law in Latin America rises apart from informality.

To do this, the characteristics are studied from an urban perspective of the different developing societies of the various legal systems, in order to draw conclusions based on the comparative analysis of the models.

Proyecto financiado por la Agencia Andaluza de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo