Nº 22 December 2022

ISSN: 2173-8254

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The 6th Ibero-American Public Communication Meeting is a face-to-face activity, which over the course of five days, allows its participants to learn about the latest trends in Public Communication that are developing, as well as the aspects that are managed worldwide in the field of communication and the actions that are being undertaken in the current context of pandemic to manage this important area of ​​link with citizens. Thanks to the academic alliance of the Ibero-American Union of Municipalists (UIM), the Higher School of Communication and Marketing of Granada / Spain (ESCO), the Association of Communication Directors of Spain (DIRCOM) and the Ibero-American Center for Administration and Local Public Policies (CIGOB), the public communicators of Ibero-America will meet to discuss how to make communication a strategic management tool that collaborates with the participation and empowerment of citizens for recovery and reconstruction in the context post pandemic. The 6th Ibero-American Meeting of Public Communication will be held in Andalusia (Spain), starting in the city of Malaga as it was done in 2014, to highlight, by the hand of the Malaga Provincial Council, the important work that this The city has achieved in the positioning of the city brand and the exemplary work of linking public administration and citizenship that has allowed a notable change in the last decade. The learning journey considers itself the presentation of exemplary management experiences of the Provincial Council of Huelva and the city of Granada. The Ibero-American Public Communication Meeting will be a forum for reflection, debate and enrichment among communication professionals who seek to deepen and nurture the exchange with their peers from different nations of America, Spain and Portugal.
  •   Andalucía España
  •   April 25, 2022
In this training capsule, prepared by CIDEU and Metropolis, the existing models of governance and metropolitan planning, with their advantages and disadvantages, as well as the main metropolitan challenges and how to face them, will be known. It focuses mainly on the challenges faced by territories that are in the process of metropolitanization
  •   online
  •   Jan. 2, 2022