ISSN: 2173-8254

Special Issue. Balance of Decentralization in Ibero-America after after four decades

Un espacio para el desarrollo: Los mercados de vivienda en América Latina y el Caribe

Institution: BID

The neighbourhoods marginales represent a perennial visual offence in Latin America and the Caribbean. It exists a greater number of people that dwell in houses in abysmal state in this region that in other countries with the same level of income. The majority of the homes that live in the capitals of the region can not pay a legally built house in a terrain that have access to the basic services of infrastructure such like water and sanitary services. The region would have to invest an upper sum to the $300 millardos, or almost the 8 percent of his gross internal product, to provide a suitable house for all his citizens. The Governments by himself solos can not solve this problem, particularly if they continue focusing in treating the symptoms in place to tackle causes it root. This last edition of the publication insignia of the BID, Development in the Américas, offers a background analysis of the opportunities that have the countries to improve his markets inmobiliarios urban and facilitate the road to solutions that involucren to the private sector.

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