ISSN: 2173-8254

Special Issue. Balance of Decentralization in Ibero-America after after four decades

Municipalización de la Educación superior como política pública del Estado

Author/s: Altuve, Ender; Parra, Chinco; Chávez, Sila y Zabala, Cármen. Venezuela

The present investigation has like purpose analyse the process of Municipalización of the Upper Education like public politics of the Venezuelan State. Therefore, it proposes the study of the municipalización, incorporated to the aldea university like centres of education of professional training in group with the communities, companies and governmental organisms and no governmental to generate a learning sociocultural between the parts. The type of investigation is descriptive and of field, with a no experimental design. The population was constituted by 397 subjects, of which eighty-two (82) are educational and three hundred fifteen (315) students, of five (5) aldeas university situated in the Municipalities Cabimas, Santa Rita and Miranda of the Western Zone of the Region Zuliana. The technical is the survey and the instrument the questionnaire, with enclosed questions and of alternatives of answers. The results obtained, indicate that the municipalización of upper education, presents partially in accordance with the integral training of the agents involucrados, the social relevance and the quality and innovation. However, it presents totally of agreement the criteria of public planning, decentralisation, deconcentration, insertion and new cultural values like strategy of the state to promote the development in the educational field.

Proyecto financiado por la Agencia Andaluza de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo