Nº 20 December 2021

ISSN: 2173-8254

Los servicios locales en la Ley de Autonomía Local de Andalucía

Author/s: Francisca Villalba Pérez. España
In the last decades, public services have undergone fundamental changes as a result of economic and social transformations. This evolution, along with that of other legal and administrative institutions, has been a determining factor in increasing awareness of the need to revise and update several aspects of the European model. Nonetheless, there has always been a certain imperviousness within the Spanish local sphere while dealing with the controversial regulation of public services in a free and competitive market. However, the scope of this transformation and its application by community case law have influenced the advisability of a new regulation. The Local Autonomy Law of Andalusia has pioneered it. This paper analyzes such rules highlighting the novelty for the local Spanish.