Nº 20 December 2021

ISSN: 2173-8254

Enfoques e instrumentos para la gestión del desarrollo municipal en el Perú (II)

Author/s: Raúl Lizárraga Bobbio. Perú
The local development is been taken in Perú as one of the most important challenges for the transition to decentralized national development processes, involving sustainable and equitable growth in production. The sustained and new collective requirements in the globalization context, lead us to redefine not only State models and current Economic Platform, but also to create organizations and methodology forms to be able to formulate Development and Budget Plans with the active participation of civil organization representatives. They are both technical and financial instruments, but also political because involve changes in the tenure of power in specific social groups and territories. It is, in short, to maximize the existing competitive advantages in different places of the country to meet human development goals; in the setting of a national strategy of territorial order and the expansion of the management capacities of Mayors and City Councilors to establish appropriate parameters of efficiency and transparency.