Nº 19 June 2021

ISSN: 2173-8254

Traces of the future. Municipal notes for a new constitution

Country: Chile


Advancement of the book "The Footprints of the Future Between the social outbreak and the pandemic. Local governments for another development", a book co-written by the economist María José Becerra Morro and the geographer Iván Borcoski González. This text is marked by the social, political, economic and health situation and the authors, as citizens, have written it inserted in a concrete reality and impacted by a social outbreak and by the Covid 19 pandemic, experiencing the same vicissitudes, anguish and concerns that humanity lives in this minute of Chile and this hour of the world.

But there is a certainty: it is from the territories and from the local space that alternatives, political agreements and hopes are being built. The territory is being the space for reconfiguration of social relations within the framework of the conformation of a set of ideas, reflections and practical reasons in the search for another development. In short, local responses to global crises.