ISSN: 2173-8254

Special Issue. Balance of Decentralization in Ibero-America after after four decades

Integral strategy for Gender Equality in the City of Buenos Aires

Author/s: Marisa Miodosky
Country: Argentina

The Integral strategy for Gender Equality in the City of Buenos Aires is the result of an articulated internal work in the local Government and coordinated between state, private and civil society. It has been initiated in 2018 with the purpose of making the gender equality a transversal matter in every area, government level and public politics. It involves more than 30 programs in order to promote total equality between women and men in the city of Buenos Aires. The strategy has a vision of changing the City, transforming it in a place where women can walk and enjoy the public areas safely, without violence and becoming themselves protagonists in the economic development and in important decision positions.

The development of a common vision, a conceptual framework with a transversal perspective and a System of Gender Indicators of the City (a pioneer in the region and which constitutes the primary source of evidence for the design and monitoring of programs), allowed the necessary Synergy to address the reduction of gender gaps in Buenos Aires in a multidimensional and complementary way.

Proyecto financiado por la Agencia Andaluza de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo