ISSN: 2173-8254

Nº 23 June 2023

Local urban sustainability and healthy cities in transition in the COVID-19 era: a legal syndemic approach considering the blue development

Country: España

The global pandemic declaration by WHO, and the impact of our daily activities by COVID-19, changed our lives. This paper analyses from a local perspective some of the main challenges local authorities had to face in order to face the reshaping of the so- called:. “new reality”. The debate about health care management and on it subsequence economic impact, its connected with the climate emergency and its projection in cities. This piece approach on one hand the context and the role of municipalities in the crisis management, and its effect, and on the other hand, the desirable and needed ecological transition towards resilient, healthy cities. Besides within this debate we integrate the studies derived from the URBANRED networks and its connection in the SUMANET network which approaches an academic analysis of these phenomenon on sustainability policies. Therefore, the study integrates the urban process of governance in and syndemic and global scenario, to achieve a proper understanding of cities in transition towards a more sustainable, and healthy planet.