ISSN: 2173-8254

Special Issue. Balance of Decentralization in Ibero-America after after four decades

Municipal associativism: perspectives of the 2019 Constitution of the Republic of Cuba

Country: Cuba

The recent reform process of the Cuban Constitution generated a text that, among other advances, includes a sensible progress in the regulation of municipal matters. In this new scenario, it is pertinent to re-examine the viability of the practices of municipal associativism, since the local entities, for the fulfillment of their purposes, require institutions to implement forms of joint and / or complementary work that allow them to mutually benefit, avoiding duplication of efforts and saving available resources. The examination of the feasibility of developing associative relations within the framework of the new Cuban constitutional order can be approached based on the precision of its historical background, its correspondence with constitutional provisions and, consequently, its current and future normative development

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