Nº 19 June 2021

ISSN: 2173-8254

Local agenda

Information on congresses, courses, seminars and events of interest for the local Ibero-American world
V World Forum on Local Economic Development

The V World Forum on local economic development takes up a virtual edition aimed at post-COVID recovery. The V World Forum on Local Economic Development will be held from May 26 to June 1, 2021

  •   Formato virtual
  •   May 26, 2021
Master in Local Public Management and Management ((XVIII Edition)

This master's degree is carried out in virtual mode from May 3, 2021 to December 31, 2022, on the UIM virtual campus. Its objectives are:

  • Prepare local managers and Ibero-American public managers, promoting the updating of their knowledge and management techniques, to generate an administrative culture and government capacity in the Ibero-American municipality.
  • Make effective solutions and tools available to municipal managers that make them assume the new roles that the local government demands within the international context, promoting the improvement of the basic conditions of institutionalization, administration and management of the Ibero-American municipality.
  • Promote and facilitate scenarios for the multiplication of modern styles of government and public management through the exchange of knowledge, experiences and techniques.
  •   Campus virtual de la UIM
  •   May 3, 2021
5th edition - INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA IN PUBLIC COMMUNICATION "The management of Public Communication in the current crisis".

This academic program offers the possibility of taking it entirely virtual, or in a blended way, completing the online training with the Ibero-American Public Communication Meeting. This academic program works on:

  • Update and deepen the knowledge of the communicators who develop their work in public institutions.
  • Provide tools for the successful development of the communication task in public administration: branding, online reputation, territorial marketing, institutional communication and government communication management.
  • Collaborate with the increase of citizen participation and the integration of the different social actors to the management of public organizations.
  • Learn to internationalize and open new institutional alternatives through adequate institutional communication.
  • Collaborate with the work carried out by consultants in the field of government organizations.
  • Prepare communicators to face the post Covid-19 era from the task of Public Communication
  • Rethink the work of the communications offices in the face of new crises.
  • Recovery of public trust in public management.


  •   Campus virtual de la UIM
  •   April 26, 2021