Nº 22 December 2022

ISSN: 2173-8254

Defensa del patrimonio público y represión de conductas irregulares

Country: España
This volume analyzes the detection and sanction of irregular, non-integral and potentially harmful behaviors for public assets. Its objective is not only to analyze how to combat corruption, but also how to combat fraud, waste or abuse of power. If the general part deepens the debate, the tension and the connection between criminal repression and administrative repression of corruption, as well as other key aspects of the phenomenon, such as the role of accounting jurisdiction, are analyzed, in the sectoral part they are analyzed On the one hand, the weaknesses of the system and measures are proposed to minimize the risks detected (public procurement, the subsidy system, public employment, conflicts of interest and urban planning occupy the central places of the study). The book analyzes with an analytical review of the administrative sanction system regarding the behavior of public offices.