Nº 21 June 2022

ISSN: 2173-8254

La influencia del acceso al agua en la felicidad: Especial referencia al municipio de Sucre (Bolivia)

Author/s: Edna Guidi Gutierrez
The importance of access to water goes beyond the mere vital function. Access to water also affects the quality of life of people; in this sense the main hypothesis to contrast in this research is the existence of a relationship between access to water and well-being. The question we ask ourselves is whether people with worse access to water in the city of Sucre really feel less satisfied with life. Although the relationship is predictable, it could also happen that people do not give sufficient importance to the fact of having a deficit access to water or simply that they have assumed the deficit access to water as an element in their lives. For this, welfare functions are used in which the dependent variable refers to the satisfaction with life in general of people, in a manner analogous to other empirical research on the economy of happiness in developing countries