Nº 18 December 2020

ISSN: 2173-8254

The articulation of local actors in the process of territorial internationalization

Author/s: Natalia Lorenzo

This article describes the particularities of local actors within the framework of their participation in the internationalization of local development, giving an account of the characteristics of their articulation and the associated challenges. Regarding to this, in recent decades globalizing processes and their effects -in terms of paradiplomacy and decentralization related with the development of territory’s internationalization activities - have motivated the review about the role of the local state, as well as the importance of the participation of local actors, and its impact on the public agenda and decision-making as part of a new governance. Accordingly, it is important for the internationalization of the territory to contemplate a broader and more active perspective in terms of the participation of local actors, to consider and successfully articulate diverse interests reflecting the social, cultural, economic and productive complexity of the territory, and to display political will to manage the policies and strategies of territorial internationalization as part of a complex process in the medium and long term.