Nº 21 June 2022

ISSN: 2173-8254

Las Negociaciones en Materia de Cambio Climatico y las Experiencias Desarrolladas en el Uruguay

Author/s: Secretaria General Iberoamericana 2014
There are multiple objectives of this seminar. First, to fulfill a mandate of the presidents, who in different Latin American summits ?especially since the one carried out in Estoril, Portugal ? have emphasized the importance of climate change and the need to reach a binding general agreement covering the whole planet. Secondly, because we are facing a stage of important negotiations that should culminate in a global agreement in the COP12, a meeting to be held in Paris next year. In turn, this meeting between the Parties of the Framework Convention for Climate Change will be preceded by a series of previous encounters. Among them, the next summit about climate convened by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban-Ki Moon, in new York and the meeting of the COP20 in Lima, Peru, in the month of December. Therefore, it seemed important to summon the experts who are or have been involved in these negotiations to shed some light on their experience and knowledge, a diagnosis of the situation referring to the negotiations and the economic and political constraints that affect them, as well as analyze the real chances of reaching a global agreement and its main characteristics. Finally, provided that this Representation Office SEGIB organizes an event that seeks to land the subject field and hence the second panel, designed with the help of PNUD, is taken by speakers of the Managers of the Metropolitan Region of the Uruguay, in order to instruct us about the concrete programs which they are working on. It is our wish, finally, that this activity will help to provide the most information available and promote the analysis, discussion, and exchange of ideas about the state of this current situation in which we find ourselves, both in international negotiations as well as in the concrete case of Uruguay.