Nº 21 June 2022

ISSN: 2173-8254

Banco Palmas - Experiencia de economía solidaria

Author/s: Diana Odete Moura Nogueira. Brasil
It is a successful experience developed by a poor periphery of a neighborhood in the city of Fortaleza, northeastern Brazil. The district called Conjunto Palmeiras has a population of 32,000 inhabitants, which is characterized by having an organized association that has always fought for urban improvements, then decides to create a community bank for social inclusion - Banco Palmas. Banco Palmas and local development program that operates under the principles and values ??of solidarity economy, with own social currency that circulates in the district, expanding the power of the local market and generating income for the population. The operating strategy of Banco Palmas has served as a model for other communities in the country to have achieved mobilize the local economy, transforming the socioeconomic status of its residents, and an improved quality of life in the neighborhood.