Nº 19 June 2021

ISSN: 2173-8254

Programa visión Colombia 2019: una lectura desde las escuelas del crecimiento económico (neoclásica y endógena)

Author/s: Omar Alfonso Ochoa Maldonado. Colombia
The blatant purpose of this article is to conduct a conceptual review of the strategies built into the program Visión Colombia 2019, prepared by the National Government with a view to achieving long-term economic growth in the country, which means obtaining higher levels of potential GDP. Being clear about the North East, we refer first to the theoretical framework that guided the study aims to develop, for later in the analysis of the main actions that are formulated to be developed in each of the strategic areas identified in document , Highlighting the main matches of the Plan 2019, with models of long-term economic growth characteristic of the neoclassical school of economics, as well as the tenets of endogenous school.