Nº 23 June 2023

ISSN: 2173-8254

Gestión del riesgo y necesidad de incorporación a la planeación estratégica municipal.

Author/s: Nery Orlando Sosa Gómez. Guatemala
The natural disasters are becoming more recurrent in different countries of the world, mainly by the effects of climate change. However, the damage was more pronounced in developing municipalities, because they have the financial and technical capacity for response, post-disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction. The risk is when the threat is to the vulnerability. The first can not avoid, even at the municipal level can work on reducing vulnerability, which increases by factors such as poverty, exclusion, environmental degradation and other. another factor negative is the lack of disaster reduction policies in the planning and execution municipal budget. Currently not taken into account, prevention, mitigation preparation and investment, and with less sustainable development processes. To reduce risks, policies are needed that take into account the risks, to guide public and private investments, making them more sustainable. In addition, urban growth is ever faster, so you need to include Risk Management (DRM) and shaft cross Municipal Strategic Planning. We can not talk about sustainable development, lacking with traditional planning measures to reduce risks.