Nº 21 June 2022

ISSN: 2173-8254

Fortalecimiento del sistema de empleo público local en Iberoamérica: Una propuesta de trabajo.

Author/s: Javier Eduardo Quesada Lumbreras. España
In the present communication, in the first place, we will present a set of proposals directed to the construction of a local civil service of race in Latin America. To this end, we will distinguish between the variables that we considered essential in the process of implementation of a civil service of race, of those others that, not yet having this character but are from vital importance for the success of a local civil service. Against this background, and secondly, they will be boarded an idea-strongest set that represents the pending challenges to achieve the success of the undertaken reforms. And it is that, in effect, which determines is the importance of constructing to a project on local civil service who listens all the implied parts and that removes from laziness and the inoperancia to the operation of the municipalities. For it one sees like essential the intimate conviction of all the affected of the benefits that in are the long term will be able to enjoy and the certain commitment the politicians so that they destine personal effort and sufficient economic games for its implementation.