Nº 20 December 2021

ISSN: 2173-8254

Planificación del Desarrollo Comunal, de La Pintana, Chile. Buscando la integración social y seguridad

Author/s: Carla González Cataldo. Chile
In the current cycle of change towards a knowledge society and risk, there is a deep redefining the basis of social inequalities. Beyond the traditional poverty understood as inadequate access to income-are strongly dynamics of exclusion that involve fractures in Linking social and community integration. Social exclusion, now appears as social vulnerability, which affects different people and groups at different times with multiple explanatory factors. The City Community Development Plan that has been developed in the Pintana commune in Chile, as a final goal for the Social Integration of land and its people, so that the community is an area where people can carry out their life projects in conditions of maximum freedom and equality, weakening the power relationships and generating social frameworks in which they spread the conditions and the values of autonomy, community, fraternity, and recognition of differences. Thus in this communication is to expose as has been the strategic planning of the area, looking for social integration and thus safety in the territory.