Nº 22 December 2022

ISSN: 2173-8254

La articulación metropolitana de Granada a través del parque de la vega

The territorial model of the Plan of Ordenación of the Territory of the Urban agglomeration of Granada includes to the Vega of Granada like one of the fundamental components of his system of free spaces. In this sense, the process of creation of the Park of the Vega initiates from the preparation of some Guidelines of Ordenación for the back formulation of the Special Plan of the Vega of Granada, and whose paramount aims will be to establish determinations to promote the public use, to favour the correct territorial articulation, to protect and put in value the environmental qualities and patrimoniales, to promote and support the agricultural use, and to pose a model of management integradora. The new Park of the Vega will allow to put in value a space with enormous potential paisajístico, agricultural and cultural, taking care appearances so important like the inclusion of a recreational use inside a space understood as purely agricultural, but without losing his essence.