Nº 20 December 2021

ISSN: 2173-8254

El diseño participativo de un plan integral de seguridad humana

Author/s: María del Carmen Tamargo. Argentina
This report relates the process of participatory design of the Integral Plan of Human Security in the Municipality of Unquillo. This based in the work colaborativo and participatory of the technical team- political, of the Body of Citizen Security of the Municipality and of actors of the civil society. It involved the challenge to think and implement coherent methodological strategies with the approach of Human Security splitting of an integral vision of the security that does axis in the respect and exercise of the citizen right to a worthy life, in freedom and free of threats. It emphasized the relational character and corresponsable of the construction of the conditions of security. The findings of this experience indicate that this approach makes possible that the local governments act on the problems of security-insecurity, without putting in collision his incumbencias with other jurisdictions, since descentra this question of the police and judicial field, opening a space of action oriented to the guarantee and protection of the human and social rights. The plan like device of planning and management organises the efforts of the municipal executive when installing the transversalidad and the intersectorialidad and therefore the responsibility shared of the group of the municipality for the resolution of the problems prioritised.