ISSN: 2173-8254

Nº 23 June 2023

The social outbreak and the COVID-19 pandemic. The presence of the Chilean Association of Municipalities.

Country: España

This article proposes a reflection on the transcendence of the citizenship social outbreak and Municipalities in Chile in a historical moment. Specially with two transcendental facts that show the importance of the collective protests of Chilean citizens from their own territories and that have made the Chilean Association of Municipalities (AChM) a fundamental actor in this decisive moment of changes in the country. On the one hand, the social outbreak that has brought to the table the request for changes in the prevailing neoliberal economic model, that in Chile includes the substitution of the 1980 Constitution inherited from the dictatorship. On the other hand, the COVID-19 pandemic that has come to show the shortcomings of the privatization model of health and the need to strengthen municipal administrations as fundamental actors. Chilean municipalism faces a great challenge, which is to contribute to a new "Social and Territorial Pact for Chile" in order to give more vigor and intensity to participatory democracy. This requires from social actors and citizens, to recognize their authorities as their own, specially at the local level which implies the need to build a powerful regional political institutionalization and strengthen municipal institutions at the same time.