ISSN: 2173-8254

Nº 23 June 2023

The reformulation in the transmission of local enabling titles

Country: España

The current pandemic we are suffering will create a different spot for individual relationships, since many different styles of economic and urban enterprises will have to be transferred or partially modified. In this regard, our positive legislation has not fully adapted to this new reality: neither in the parallel ordering of the health emergency, nor in the ordinary one, appear many response keys to lighten the exercises of the corresponding economic freedoms involved in this new problem. Although there is some glimpse in the current municipal operating license regime, the need to adopt this valid possibility for other local enabling titles of a real nature is necessary and urgent. This starts with the transmission of work licenses recently allowed by our Legislator to then propose an exit that can be extended to other local sectors, always under certain provisions and as long as the salvo jure terti clause is not violated.