Nº 19 June 2021

ISSN: 2173-8254

Inserción de gestión integral de riesgo, cambio climático y gobernabilidad con enfoque de género como eje transversal en los procesos de enseñanza- aprendizaje

Author/s: Flor Idalia Lanuza Gámez
This article is based on the line of research - action as part of the process of integration of crosscutting risk management, climate change and governance with gender perspective in the subject History of Nicaragua, in order to achieve prevention and awareness in the university community and influence in society in general. This work was done with a group of 40 students the first year of the career of psychology, taught at the Faculty Multidisciplinary Regional (FAREM) -Estelí. The research process was established in the framework of the investigation - action and focused on the critical paradigm (research paradigm in Education), which postulates the need for research in order to overcome the contradictions of social action and institutions social in their rationality and justice. The research concludes that the inclusion of crosscutting issues such as risk, climate change and governance are essential to foster constructive criticism and reflection that lead to meaningful learning student - teacher.